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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 9, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the students are upset and saddened at this but it might uncover an underlying issue here about fraternities and sororities it was just after midnight when berkeley police responded to a suspicious looking man and while students like made in water are saddened by the death of their not surprised that this type of thing happened this fraternity is not sponsored by the university and so there's little oversights the police have not released how the 20 year-old man died or his identity investigators have said they have not ruled out drugs or
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alcohol is the cause of death but a bikron4 has learned that s happening at the frat house saturday night before the man was found dead please have said they have had to go to that house for other reasons before kids are starting to get caught for things they shouldn't have been doing for a long time now they're a lot of issues with the fraternities are ready culture alameda county is conducting their investigation and current scott rates
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a plane crash near gilroy last night. left two people dead. officials found the victims' bodies in a rural area off of state highway 152 this morning.
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they say a cessna-140 was flying from hollister to watsonville. and was carrying two people. including the pilot. no one on the ground was injured. the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive on scene tomrrow morning. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. police have arrested a 32-year old woman in suspicion of a drunk driving accident that caused a four car pile-up on the bay bridge saturday. officers responded to reports of a wrong-way driver on the bridge around eight thirty p.m. karrie lynn morgan allegedly entered the freeway toll plaza and collided head-on with a vehicle, side-swiping two other cars. morgan and two other suffered minor injuries and were taken to san francisco general hospital for treatment. surveillance video from outside the nordstrom rack in colma shows a woman getting punched by another woman in red. but it's the story behind the punch that has many nordstrom rack shoppers arguing about who is to blame for it.
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kron 4's annie andersen went to colma to gauge how shoppers are feeling. a shopper at the colma nordstrom rack got an unexpected surprise wednesday night. according to colma police she was punched in the face after asking a mother to quiet a loud child. natalie bree hejak richardson was in the checkout line when a child around 5 started screaming. hejak richardson and the mother of the child got into an argument when hejak richardson asked the mother to quiet the child. after that things got violent. surveillance video shows a woman following hejak richardson to her car and punching her. knocking hejak richardson to the ground. before quickly walking away. "now, days after the incident, nordstrom rack shoppers are still talking about the punch, and who was responsible for it." "i don't think it was right, but, i mean she could have handled it in a different way, but some people just have tempers. i guess she felt like she told her kid to shut up, but i just kind of think the person should hav ejust kind of like, kept it to herself.
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but other shoppers felt differently. "when did we get into the business of not raising our children and thinking that just because you got kids you're not supposed to have any type of decorum. when did we get in that business? you have a child, your job is to raise your child so they're functional in society, not to let them do what ever they want to. and if you're bothering somebody, tell your kid to shut the hell up." but there isn't a question of who is at fault for colma police. they are looking over the surveillance video trying to identify the woman who punched hejak richardson. so far they haven't been able to. but they are hoping somebody will come forward to put a name to the face. or in this case a name to the punch. in colma annie andersen kron 4 news. crews temporarily deactivated san francisco's outdoor emergency sirens. after they accidentally went off late last night and early this morning. officials are now testing the sirens. to see if they can figure out why they went off. alarms could be heard in the bernal heights. noe valley. and hunter point neighborhoods. just to name a few. officials say the alarms may go off again during the testing.
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a teenager a two weeks to live is making the best of his last week's diagnosed with cancer alex's already had 16 surgeries and callous hours with chemo radiation you just have to a state positive the cancer started in his leg when intermission and then move to his lungs the cancer and broken many times but i always seem to put myself back together right now there's a large tumor
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pressing down on his hard making him cough a lot and doctors said chemo will slow its growth but nothing will stop him from leaving out his dream through the give it forward website strangers have helped and check off his budget last all these people who i don't know how to mix to fill special although he is only a few weeks shy of his 18th birthday his mother told him to go for his dreams i'm going to go down swinging but it's unfortunate that i am going down
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today marks one week after maynard took her own life under the death with dignity movement she said she did it to take her life on her terms and on cancers terms shechem the face of the death with dignity movement sad news out of the san francisco zoo tonight.a 15- month-old ape was killed friday after being crushed by a hydraulic closing door. the apes was being moved to night-time enclosures when the young ape darted under the door. according to elliott katz, the founder of the non-profit group 'in defense of animals', future accidents can be prevented by requiring power doors to have sensors that will stop them when they come in contact with objects. santa clara county is asking the secretary of state to review it's ballot counting procedures.
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from this week's election. the registrar of voters says. the resignation of the counties i-t manager the day before the election didn't affect vote counting. they say the time it took to count votes was expected. santa clara was the last county in the state to report it's final tally. the cargo is 4000 votes ahead of cortese for the san jose mayor it may or a lead for months now swarm of earthquakes have been striking the nevada desert near the
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oregon border and now they are increasing in intensity they have been up to magnitude 2.0 and they don't predict a big earthquakes in but they're telling residents in the area to develop earthquake plans
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gsa officials found two loaded guns and assault in a bad one with a bullet in the chamber the tea is a spokesperson says that many of these cases people just forget that these items are armed and loaded putting washington lawmakers on notice: you have 30 days to get your act together. speaking on nbc's "meet the press," schultz called on congress and the obama administration to quit bickering and cooperate. "washington has let the country down. the congress now has a unique opportunity with the administration to stop the polarization and dysfunction and demonstrate immediately a new set of rules. and that rule
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has to be civility and conversation and cooperation. if we don't get that in the next 30 days the business community is going to do what they've done for the last 10 years: dismiss washington, but we can't have that. this is a unique opportunity." schultz also urged businesses to take the lead in the nation's economic recovery. this isn't the first time the starbucks head has become steamed over dysfunction in washington. as the nation teetered on the edge of the so-called fiscal cliff in 2012, schultz urged lawmakers to "come together" by having dc-area starbucks baristas write that message on coffee cups. gas prices continue to drop in the u.s. a national survey reports that the average cost of regular gas dropped 13 cents per gallon in the last two weeks. analysts say the average price of regular gas is two dollars- 94 cents per gallon. the drop has been driven by a decrease in the price of crude oil. san francisco had the highest averge price of gas in the nation. at 3-dollars-27-cents per gallon. we get the highest gas and oil temperature and the highest
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temperatures in the whole united states with high 80s low eighties around the bay area today this is the second in row that we have tied a record for temperatures made in the '70s these are 10 to 15 degrees above average and was as mild tonight we have readings in the upper 50s and 60s right now but we will watch the temperature drop the next few days it's still clear in a lot places but we do have low clouds coming into the bay and also in to the north bay valley so we will have some of that through the morning hours of the rise will have lots of sunshine for monday and temperatures still on the warm side a few degrees cooler though but it will be a lot cooler coming up tuesday and
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wednesday with extensive low clouding and morning drizzle and readings dropping from some 10 degrees and another chance of rain coming up thursday this was to be a fairly small storm his farm tractor we of low clouds of the coast and low clouds pushing into that they buy this in detail bridge but that should clear out by about 10:00 a.m. and then we're looking for sunshine the rest of the day and more beautiful weather if you like a sunny and warm look for low to mid '70's and upper 70's and even a few eighties and warms places for the highs the boreal ski resort is
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officially open for business. the resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary. lifts were up and running all weekend. boreal mountain is the first ski resort in california to open for the new season. a sign winter is around the corner. mother nature has provided more than 10-inches of snow in recent days. and the resort is making the rest using machines. mount rose ski resort. close to reno. also opened this weekend the resort offered limited runs. they say the early opening day is thanks to five -inches of snow last weekend. lift tickets are ten- dollars. next week honoring our veterans we will see his house san francisco honors our vets coming up people behaving badly - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails )
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i went to orinda on a different matter and notice something just slapping me right in the face the sheer amount of people on their cellphones while operating a motor vehicle despite it being against the law now the first thing i hear is maybe their looking at their maps, and even it that were true you can't hold your phone to look at the map this driver with the words we are giant painted on the car she must has voice recognition why are you video taping me she ask but maybe she is using her gps lets find out oh you're the fire inspector sorry i was wondering why you were video tapping me im with channel 4 you shouldn't be on your phone while you are driving it behaving badly speaker phone you cantr hold it in your hand well its on my lap so are you going to report me can you actually ask my permission to video tape me
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because i don't want to be videotaped for the record normally fire inspectors might be found around i don't know a fire department this dump truck driver must have the new insert sell phone firmly to ear to activate the gps there were a lot of people with phones firmly attached to their ears, because for some reason people have created their own version of the hands free law their version is if you are stopped at a light they you are technically not driving so there for these people think they are not technically breaking state law well i hate to break it to you but you can be cited for any cell phone use where you are holding the phone in your hand and the first ticket is one hundred and 61 dollars the second is 251 dollars and the third is around 500 bucks now i don't know about you for to have to give away money is not on my list of things to do the reason i even came to orinda is because of redc light runners like this driver but that going to have to be in a in orinda stanley roberts kron
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4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. coming up at 830 if it was a movie you could call raiders of the lost season plus a california soldier killed his own homecoming party ♪ ♪
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first of all they say we can feed our families. secondly, we can send our children to school. it's really that first step that allows them to get out of poverty and most importantly have money left over to plan for the future they want. relief tonight for the families of two americans.who spent months imprisoned in north korea. they are back on us soil. matthew todd miller of bakersfield, and kenneth bae of washington state touched down last night, following a rare visit to north korea by a to u- s official. ana cabrera was there when their plane touched down. after months and years of detention -- two americans, held prisoner in north korea -- are back in the united states first off the plane -- kenneth bae -- who had been held for two years and was recently sentenced to 15 years of hard
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labor for "hostile acts" against the government.claiming he was part of a christian plot to overthrow the regime. "i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and standing by me during this time, and it's been just amazing -- blessing to see so many people getting involved; getting me released for the last two years. a lot to -- now to mention for thousands of people who've been praying for me, as well." it's just hard to believe this day is finally here. for two years it's been just unbelievable agony. unspeakable. and there are many who allowed this day to happen. we are thankful for president obama and secretary kerry for not forgetting kenneth. then matthew todd miller stepped off.miller had been detained since april -- and sentenced to six years of hard
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labor. he's been accused of tearing up his tourist visa and seeking asylum upon entry to north korea. miller did not speak to the media after his arrival. their release comes after north korea unexpectedly reached out to the white house to send a cabinet-level official to discuss the detentions.but apparently there wasn't a guarantee that the americans would be brought home. they were set free after director of national intelligence james clapper went to the capitol of pyongyang in a secret mission -- delivering a letter from president obama -- to north korean leader kim jong un. the letter was said to be "short and to the point" -- and clapper did not meet with kim. i think it's a wonderful day for them and their families. obviously we are very grateful for their safe return. and i appreciate director clapper doing a great job on what was a challenging mission. their release comes less than a
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month after north korea let go jeffrey fowle -- an ohio man who spent five months in detention. and now, with the men who just returned.there are no americans being held in north korea. "it's been amazing two years. i learn a lot. i grew a lot. i lost a lot of weight. in a good way. but, i'm starting strong, because of you." ana cabrera, cnn fort lewis washington. an army veteran was shot and killed early sunday while celebrating his recent homecoming from afghanistan. authorities say francisco garcia was gunned down on a sidewalk as family and friends attempted to move the celebration to a different location. police say a man got out of an s-u-v, yelled at garcia--then grabbed a handgun from another person and opened fire. police believe the attack was the result of a previous dispute. president barack obama is defending his decision to
8:33 pm
deploy more u-s forces to iraq to fight against isis. an additional 15-hundred troops are being sent to help train iraqi army soldiers and militia fighters to battle the terror group on the ground. president obama said the increase is not a sign the u-s strategy isn't working. but rather a signal the campaign is entering a new phase. and he's not ruling out the possibility that more troops may be needed. what hasn't changed is our troops have not been engaged in combat as commander in chief i'm never going to say never but the commanders who presented the plan to me say we may gradually see fewer troops over time because we're seeing coalition members partner with us in the training effort adding 15-hundred more troops will bring the total number of american forces in iraq to about three-thousand.
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ahead of veteran's day on tuesday. today the veteran's day parade was held in san francisco. it marked the 95th veteran's day parade in san francisco. the parade traveled down market street to civic center plaza. this year's parade paid tribute to vietnam vets. as part of the parade. there were many motorcycles. bands. and even a helicopter. many spectators took pictures of the parade. that veteran's say is special each year. we did this because he wanted to do something for this country and this is a very special day here in san francisco my family has been in the military for a long time not missed by at least one veteran. the size of the crowd along market street. hundreds of people gathered for the parade. a much smaller amount than the tens of thousands who attended the giants parade last week. but organizers say they appreciate those who came to watch. six flags discovery kingdom is
8:35 pm
offering free admission to veterans and active members of the military. they are doing this to show appreciation for their military service. this free admission will last through tuesday. companies around the nation are giving away "freebies" to veterans and active military members on veterans day this week. great clips is offering a free haircuts. or a card to redeem a free haircut. starbucks is giving away free, tall brewed coffees to all veterans and active duty service members. and their spouses. i-hop is offering free red. white. and blue pancakes from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. additionally. krispy kreme will be giving away free doughnuts and small coffees. a quarter century since the fall of the berlin wall. coming up. we'll take you germany and show you how they're index of stories... from the tech museum in san jose where we will watch a brand new high-tech exhibit is the most technology and business in
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debt for any museum lots of sunshine and warm temperatures over the bay area this weekend but we have a storm in the pacific heading our way and all i know it's going to bring
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for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. thousands gathered near berlin's historic brandenburg gate to commemorate the end of an era. it's been 25 years since the fall of the berlin wall, the seperated east and west berlin. mary moloney has more on today's ceremony, marked with moments of sadness.and joy. berliners released eight- thousand lighted white balloons into the sky sunday, marking the path of the berlin wall with a sign of peace. a quarter of a century has passed since the fall of the berlin wall: nearly 27 miles of concrete and barbed wire that separated east and west berlin, from 1961 to 1989. cutting off friends and relatives in the same city, it became an iconic symbol of the cold war. german chancellor angela merkel commemorated the occasion with words of hope.
8:39 pm
"the fall of wall showed us that dreams can come true; nothing has to stay how it is." on november 9th, 1989, germans tore the wall down. some with their hands; others using hammers and pickaxes. berlin's mayor praised the citizens of east berlin for igniting the spark that signaled the end of the cold war. "the fall of the wall was the result of the movement by the people of east berlin." "it was not the work by politicians, it was the work by the citizens of the city." a one point six mile long portion of the wall - known as the east side gallery - is still standing and accessible to viewers. after commemorating the wall with the "border of light" beginning at the historic brandenburg gate, celebrants heard the "ode to joy," from the fourth movement of beethoven's ninth symphony. the work has become the theme of east/west unification. i'm mary moloney reporting.
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candles will burn at the national memorial for the victims of the berlin wall. official numbers record 200 people who died while trying to cross the wall. some shot by guards, others died from accidents. we have lots of nice weather around the bay area for this weekend with some clear skies and sunshine during the days with warm temperatures but we have some changes coming our way out as much for tomorrow has been gone to tuesday and wednesday tonight we have clubs pushing their way into the greater bay area and clouds early on in the day tomorrow but warmer temperatures in the afternoon ladies and the warmest places we have the storm moving and will bomb temperatures down as to go through this week and
8:41 pm
you'll see some stronger offshore winds starting tuesday and then some heavy fog tuesday and wednesday mornings with drizzle at that point will cool things off pretty dramatically and then we have this storm system meandering at the coast with a little light rain late wednesday night and into thursday morning and right now rainfall amounts only look like one-tenth of an inch perhaps one-quarter of an inch where temperatures going up in to the mid-70s with mid to upper 70's in the east bay valleys and close the '80s are around livermore and los '70s and bayside san francisco and another day in the '70s oakland mid-70s north the mid to upper 70's look at extensive clouds with a
8:42 pm
drizzle starting tuesday and wednesday with more of the same thursday turning sunny friday and on the lava spouting from an active volcano creeping toward eastern hawaiian homes seems to have slowed down.for now. according to darryl oliveira, the direcor of the hawaii county civil defense, there has been no movement forward of the destructive lava in the past 10 days. the lava began moving on hawaii's big island in june when a volcanic crater vented. dozens have been evacuated since, but it seems homeowners can now begin to breathe easy. the birds that can't be convinced to leave their perch on the bay bridge. coming up - why they're failure to vacate is now costing taxpayers millions of dollars! and the forty-niners better be this sense this weekend if the help to make the playoffs join me and dick roberts after the news for sports night live
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it's a first of it's kind. visitor's to the museum put on these hi-tech wearables and get instant information about their physical and mental health. one sensor goes on the shoulder blade under the shirt. the headgear is placed on the left side of the head and an ipod touch running a special app is worn around the neck. you can then wear this gear around the museum during your visit or just do the special activities they have set up in the body metrics area.
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either way you will gain facinating insight into yourself when you are done and you place your ipod touch on the giant interactive data pool table. instantly your body metrics are displayed from the time you put on the wearables you can learn about your physical and mental state during your visit while you were doing different things see when you were most at peace and most stressed out. you get all your health stats. learn about your balance posture. physical condtion it measures how you were affected when people were crowding you you can also compare your health stats to a friend or family member you are at the museum with. the children are really having a fascinating and fun time with this technology and also the adults and older people are really intrigued from their own data when you take your device often laid on the table and have your data appear to kind of amazes people another unexpected and stubborn
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problem on the bridge: the birds! a protected species that will not budge. and it seems they can't be coaxed to leave, either. as kron 4's charles clifford explains.the delay is costing cal-trans.millions. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. for the past few years, caltrans has spent millions trying to lure hundreds of birds.. including cormorants like this one... away from the old bay bridge and onto the new eastern span. so far, the birds haven't budged and that's causing problems. this has led to delays in the demolition of the old span john goodwin is a spokesman for the metropolitan transportation commission, which is overseeing the demolition of the old span. he says that the delay is putting caltrans at risk of going over budget. only about 90 million of the original 900 million dollar contingency fund for the entire eastern span project remains. currently there's about a 90 percent probability that would be exhausted. that's not a trend that is moving in the
8:48 pm
right direction. the demolition of the old bridge is scheduled to be completed in three phases. caltrans was going to start accepting bids for the second phase this month but because the birds won't leave, they now have delay the bidding process until at least february. caltrans engineers will use that extra time to hopefully find a solution to the problem, which could include putting nets on the bridge or installing some sort of bird deterrent. goodwin says they want to move forward with demolition as quickly as possible to keep the project track. the take home message here is more time, more money. it's simple as that. take a look at this! the seattle seahawks mascot had a little trouble today navigating through centurylink field. the hawk, known as "taima" got confused and ended up flying into the stands and landing right on the head of a fan. that didn't sit too well with the fan at first, but eventually the hawk calmed down, and was even seen being petted by the man she landed on. uber is looking to raise
8:49 pm
another 1-billion dollars in funding this year. the numbers are in. disney's "big hero six" is king of the box office this weekend. the animated film is about a young inventor and his robot. the movie raked in just under 60 million dollars this weekend. interstellar came in second place. and gone girl, starring ben affleck is holding strong in the third spot. return to index of stories... an acclaimed screenwriters disappoints his fans, matt damon has a surprise for bourne fans, and an animated film tops this weekend's box office. nick valencia has more in today's hollywood minute. aaron sorkin is calling it quits. the prolific screenwriter and producer told the los angeles times that he doesn't anticipate working on another show after his current hbo series "the newsroom." sorkin said in part ".i've had much more failure, as traditionally measured, than success in television" the screenwriter won several emmys for his work on the "west wing," and an oscar for scripting "the social network" in 2011. "the newsroom" began its third and final season sunday.
8:50 pm
if you missed matt damon playing "jason bourne," here is some good news for you. the actor says he will play the assassin in a film set to release in 2016. damon agreed to do the film after director paul greengrass signed on. greengrass directed the second and third films in the bourne series. and an animated film toped the box office this weekend. disney's "big hero 6" won the top spot with just a little under 60 million dollars. acclaimed director christopher nolan's "interstellar" came in second, making it the first of his films not to nab the number one spot since 2002. gillian flynn's thriller "gone girl" is still holding on tight at number 3. for hollywood minute.i'm nick valencia. putting technology into the hands of students with autism. how one bay area family is improving education. and making a real difference. improving education. and making a real difference. lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change.
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. a family with a neighbor has had the neighbor have a huge mess in their yard with menu are and that an abandoned car inspectors from alma county have visited the property and show that there is an excess of
8:54 pm
garbage in the newer and the neighboring question did not want to speak on camera parents of an autistic child in fremont, are giving back. they say using technology helped their son. so they started a foundation to help other autistic students. kron 4's daniel villareal spoke with the family which is about to give their first donation. if there's one thing the pincilotti family is passionate about its getting technology into the hands of students who have autism. as parents of an autistic son they say they've seen the difference that things like ipads, computers and digital cameras can make we started this foundation two years ago our father and i and we found out because of the technology he did so much better our son has office on
8:55 pm
this december the non profit they started, autism yesterday and today, will make its first donation of 14 ipad minsi, an imac computer, printer and a digital camera to mission san jose elementary school - about 9-thousand dollars worth of electronics, all of it will go to the schools special education classroom where they say students with autism will benefit greatly from the donation. we felt like technology helps the kids and their world the kids who cannot communicate can frequently communicate with my pads and technology and we feel that technology not in the classroom is affecting students the pincilotti's say they plan to continue raising funds so they can make at least one donation to a bay area classroom each year and they encourage potential donors to step forward and visit their website at autism yesterday and today dot org in fremont daniel villareal kron 4 news a viewer tipped us off to the story. if you have a story we should check into - you can visit our website at kron4-dot-com. look under the "my kron4 story"
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tab. and send us your idea. niner's raiders warriors and sharks they have it we might get a little taste of the fall coming up thursday but for the meantime i will feel like summertime more than fall tomorrow temperatures will be in the '70s maybe even 80s but the warm spots will see the '80s the temperatures will get cooler by ted tuesday and wednesday with high clouds coming back again and small weather for thursday 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps.
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and the season when for the niners pivoted on one play the one this raiders get steamrolled by patent and the broncos with the new man running the show the warriors are off to their best start in two decades + we go one-on-one with the warriors star andre hello everyone.and welcome to the program. we've got 49ers.raiders.warriors.sharks.